Our Selections of Premium Coffee Beans

from three major continents to your door stepsĀ in just a few clicks...

  1. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
    Ranked as one of the best coffee in the world, Yirgacheffe is hand picked from the high mountain of Ethiopia. The beans are rich and smooth-bodied with intense floral aroma.
  2. Ethiopia Star Harra
    Ethiopia Star Harra
    Known for its winey and floral toned acidity. This coffee beans are from the small farms in Oromia, Ethiopia.
  3. Guatemala Antigua Flora
    Guatemala Antigua Flora
    Picked from the highland of Antigua. This bean has unique elegant and vibrant flavor with rich floral aroma.
  1. Colombia (Organic)
    Colombia (Organic)
    Rich and silky smooth flavor . This certified organic coffee comes from Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.
  2. Mandheling Brazil
    Mandheling Brazil
    Nutty with a hint of caramel after taste. It's a combination of premium beans from both Indonesia and Brazil.
  3. Indonesia Golden Mandheling
    Indonesia Golden Mandheling
    Full bodied and chocolaty. The Mandheling beans are from Island of Sumatra that remains one of the best coffees in the world.
  1. House Blend Collection
    House Blend Collection
    Mixed beans from Africa and Southern America. Smooth and aromatic coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
  2. Aisen Reserve Collection
    Aisen Reserve Collection
    Latin American speicalty blend. Hint of bitter sweet and earthy taste.
  3. Classic Collection
    Classic Collection
    Classic collection from Aisen's roast master. Bold and full-bodied. Perfect coffee to start your day.